Thursday, December 18, 2008


Catching my breath on way to the Andean passes, diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the night of July 4th, enjoying the ancient Inca pyramids of Machu Pichu, bathing in the orange sun in Santorini, braving the magnificent hills from Ivana to Loran on a rickety bike in Batanes, eating balut with unsanitized hands in Quiapo, trailblazing in Europe with my Martin Backpacker. Tattooed in mind experiences that I’ve had and would like to experience to name a few. Phoenixperience is a dedication to all my kindred spirits out there that I have met and have yet to get in touch with on my journeys. The beauty of this is that you can take Phoenixperience anyway you want to. No life altering or world changing attempts here but, hey if that happens, what the heck…cool! Phoenixperience are just musings of this author who happens to love everything under the sun and the moon for that matter. Phoenixperience is an extension of the goings-on in my head, the brewing of emotions, wanderlust adventures and misadventures. It seems like I’ve been through the furnace in most stages of my life but just like the phoenix that rose from the ashes I come back to life, every time better than ever with renewed essence thanks to the moldings of etched experiences.

Thank you for sparing a moment of your precious time to revel in my life experiences. I go by the phrase Live, Love and Laugh…Let’s! Happy reading!!!

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