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Le Mitre Menu

Within the walled city of Intramuros where the cobblestones of yore have given even more character to this spot sits a quiet little place I believe to headquarter Heaven’s kitchen….Ristorante delle Mitre.  It could not be better situated.  What better way to locate such a treasure than with a cross and the setting made perfect by having the famed San Agustin church known for being the oldest stone church and a UNESCO world heritage site standing in grand vista a few steps away.

Le Mitre dinner mat - an ensemble of cardinals, bishops and priests

The interior is adorned with Catholic artifacts.

Having been born out of divine intervention, the offerings all named after revered members of the church and the meals cooked by if not cooked under the supervision of nuns, I could easily say it’s all good…it was….better than good…it was baaad (in the 90’s urban dictionary meaning good or even better than ).  If they can make a simple tuyo dish/pinakbet taste divine then what must the best-sellers taste like?!. I’ve got news for you… I thought once you’ve had crispy pata at those overpriced restos they are all the same. 

The raved about Crispy Pata and the equally delicious Pancit Bihon

Equal opportunity at its holiest!

Crispy pata at Le Mitre has set the bar high, step aside Gencio's and Derry’s.
(wink wink)  Crispy pata at Le Mitre alone is well worth the visit. CcCccrrRisspy outside and tender meat falling from the bone was the holy grail for me.  The first forkful was carefully layered -skin- meat- skin not forgetting the gooey tendon morsel  that topped it all off, then slowly dipped in their special Ilocos vinegar with chopped onions,  chili and soy sauce, then with a swift wrist motion the munch is in …. I confess I almost felt a tear in my eye…sooo good I could cry.  Crispy pata was such a guilty pleasure. Crispy pata at Le Mitre opened the gates of heaven and it was never just deep fried pork leg to me again.  

With a tiny room left for dessert and yet a variety of amazing cakes and pastries lined up in tempting fashion. A strong freshly brewed coffee and a slice of incredibly out of the ordinary fruit cake was in the offing.  So this is what true fruit cake should be and taste like….fruits! 

Unlike other fruitcakes that are just heavy on flour and strategically places 3 slivers of dried candied cherry to pass for a fruit cake, Le Mitre’s had equal parts of generous fruits and nuts mixed well and moistened with alcohol (sherry, Madeira or brandy). The fine coffee and fruitcake tasted of absolution surely after the crispy pata guilt spree.

Rain or shine, cravings, breakfast-lunch-dinner, coffee and pastry stop-over, no matter what time of day and no matter which meal, Le Mitre never forsakes. The countless times we’ve frequented this haunt only proves to us this is a great place to dine whether alone, on a romantic date or a business meeting and family gatherings.  

The food never disappoints with its quantity, quality and taste. Great value for money, temperature is perfect especially on a hot humid stifling day, ambience is unique, restrooms are well equipped with soap, tissue and drier, overall cleanliness is good, and it’s simply an awesome wholesome place.  Be sinner or saint at Le Mitre there are no judgements only good food that makes you say OMG!!!  So if you hear someone say OMG at the next table with a smile of clear nirvana and a trotter at hand, don’t be surprised to see me. Maybe give each other a trotter salute. Cheers!


  1. Ristorante delle Mitre's food is good but it's pricey considering the serving size. The ambiance is perfect though with all those religious artifacts.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Cheers! - Phoenix and Pathfinder


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