Tuesday, February 7, 2012

THAILAND… BEYOND AMAZING! (The Land of Smiles and the City of Angels) Part 1 of 5

Like sentinels guarding the horizon, these dieties have stood proudly for a long time  (Wat Arun)

My curiosity has taken me to places putting the 9 lives theory to the test and more often than not my curiosity saves me and even catapults me to take my leaps of faith. My leap of faith has taken me to Thailand simply because I wanted to see what amazing things it had in store for me and hopefully tickle your fancy of going on an amazing adventure of your own.
My thirst was beyond the grapevine or google info and travel books. It was a thirst I had to quench for myself and there was only one way to satisfy my endless list of questions including the mundane and that was to go to the land of smiles.

Land of Smiles
A cheerful hat lady greeting tourists cruising along the floating market

The gate to Thailand is Suvarnabhumi Airport pronounced “su-wan-na-poom”. It was named by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadeh meaning “The Golden Land” referring to the region. His Majesty is well loved and it will be prevalent in the duration of your stay.

From ear to ear I had a smile on. Who wouldn’t be? The airport was already a treat on its own. Like a nest or honey-comb on steroids it stood with modern high-tech fashion yet displaying traditional exotic flare. With walking escalators that seem to bring guests as offering to giant scales of Thai sculptures. From all angles Suvarnabhumi enthralled sensations that left me brimming with excitement and I just couldn’t wait to see what was out there.

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Something to keep in mind
As a tourist in Bangkok, be aware that your cab drivers and tour guides will insist that you visit their local jewelry stores. If you don't have the budget, you can politely say no or just give them the courtesy of looking around the store place and maybe just buy small items.

Cathay Pacific

Philippine Airlines (PAL)
+63-2- 85-58-888
On-line Booking: www.philippineairlines.com/pal_online/pal_online.jsp

Cebu Pacific

Suggested Accommodations
Lebua State Tower
1055 Silom Rd. Bangrak, Bangkok
Reservations: resvn@lebua.com

Sacha’s Hotel UNO
28/19 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Wattana Bangkok
Email : info.sachas@hotel-uno.com

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